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Flare Partners has worked with hundreds of leading organizations to identify opportunities to improve the organization’s success in attaining its objectives, productivity and workflow are often the most prominent issue.

Workflow and productivity go hand-in-hand, as neither can exist without the other being done or designed intentionally.

Internally at Flare Partners, we lean to Asana for our project and workflow management at every organization level, and we’ve seen just how Asana drives productivity all under one roof.


Asana is designed for the working teams to efficiently define the tasks and resources for a project while giving executives visibility to monitor team progress and workload. Asana is intentionally architected to integrate with the apps your team may be using every day to communicate or collaborate, such as Dropbox, Slack, Salesforce, GSuite, or Office365.

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Flare Partners is excited to have a team who are Asana Certified Pros to lead the implementation, design, optimization, or day-to-day management Asana in your organization. Our Asana consulting services are offered to our clients in the broader engagement or a la carte.


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