Who We Are

Our History

The brand has evolved, and the strategy-led+execution-centered approach has strengthened continuously since our founding in 2012.

Initially, Jaylen D. Bledsoe founded Flare Partners over eight years ago, initially as a boutique web & app development agency that quickly expanded to be a full-service information technology consulting firm due to the rapidly evolving needs of our clients.

Evolution is a central value to our firm and our team, as we believe in quickly adapting and scaling to meet the market-driven needs of our client partners. Since our founding, we’ve grown beyond IT consulting to having teams additionally focused on marketing & communications and management & operations consulting.

Our clients consist of executives and leading entertainers, public-private corporations, and non-profit institutions from start-ups to Fortune 100 Companies. The engagements with them include a mixture of onsite or remote, strategy or execution, a single fractional executive, or upwards of 100 of our associates.

Our Capabilities

Flare Partners has positioned itself continuously to adapt and scale to meet the needs of our client partners since its founding.


Strategic Business Planning
Transformation & Change Management
Business Intelligence & Analytics
Organizational Management
Workflow Efficiencies
Systems & Process
Diversity & Inclusion
Leadership Development

Marketing +Communications

Social Media
Public & Media Relations
Brand Development & Management
Marketing Automation
Website & Mobile Development
Customer Experience Design